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North Yorkshire: Cloughton and Scarborough

Sunday, 27th July 2014

A nice walk on a hot summer day.  I couldn't do the circular route I'd planned though due to randy bulls!  Probably about 6 miles.

Finished up with a drive into Scarborough for fish and chips on the harbour wall, an ice cream, and a paddle in the sea.  Lovely.

Nice shaded path up through woodland
near Cober Hill

I can see the sea!

The randy bull
Didn't fancy walking through this field so turned back

War Memorial in Cloughton

Main Road - looking at Cober Hill's grounds

Cloughton Cliff top

.. and Cloughton cliff bottom!

Fish n chips on the harbour wall at Scarborough

... then an ice cream

.. and finally a paddle

One of the roundabouts on the Scarborough-Brid Road
I'd like to re-do this walk and hopefully complete the circular round which was intending to take in Hayburn Wyke and a coastal cliff top return.

Thanks for looking 😊

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