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2017 Summary

Finances and uncertainty at work have continued into 2017 which has resulted in me still not getting out for walks as often as I'd like.  Plenty of local walking though.  The plus side of this is that, combined with my change from boots to shoes, my Achilles tendon problem is slowly (oh so slowly) easing up and I've found a way of managing it out in the field, so to speak.

The work situation is taking its toll on me, mentally/emotionally and I am eternally grateful to Sheila for continuing to let me use her caravan up in the Lakes for some much needed escapes from reality.

The WI walking group is shaping up nicely and we enjoyed our first weekend away this year.

I've bought a tent to (hopefully) get away for a few cheap weekends when the weather's good, particularly now I'm no longer working Saturdays.

I've bagged a new county - Norfolk.

I signed up for ViewRanger's Walk250Mile Challenge.  I also set myself a personal goal of walking 365 miles (a mile a day for a year).  I just didn't quite make it due to a horrendous cough and cold which meant I couldn't even walk upstairs, never mind out and about.  Completed the ViewRanger Challenge though.

All in all, a good year's walking.

North Newbald (3.5 miles)

Friday, 22nd December 2017

We got a lunchtime flier at work so I took the opportunity to get out for a walk in the countryside.  I chose a low Wolds walk as I won't get much chance to do anything other than local walks between now and the New Year.

Sadly, the traffic meant I got to the start much later than I wanted to so I had to cut the walk short, a decision which was confirmed to be the right one when I got on the tops and the fog was turning into a pea-souper.  

Nevertheless, it was great to get out in the fresh air and daylight.

A couple of pics:

Looking across to the foggy higher ground

Signpost OCD

Final view of a wind turbine before it disappeared into the murk!
Only another 42 miles to go to complete my Mile A Day For A Year Challenge.  A bit of a sprint finish me thinks at 4.5 miles a day between now and 31st December !!!

Thanks for looking 😊

Keyingham and Kelsey Gardens (4.8 miles)

Saturday, 16th December 2017

With the forecast looking awful for Sunday, I decided to sack off the housework in favour of a local walk in the cold, crisp winter sunshine today. 

Some pictures:

Lovely crisp, cold winter day

I'm heading there later for a cuppa

Keyingham Drain looking rather full

Mmmm, mud and frozen puddles

Keyingham Church

Big views across the fields from the old rail track

Frosty foliage!

Cloud bank incoming!

Arty-farty pic

Permissive path to Kelsey Gardens South Lake
A lovely walk.  Felt like I was out ages but it was only a couple of hours.

Thanks for looking 😊

A Weekend of Local Walks

Saturday, 2nd December 2017

Our WI Walking Group's monthly walk.  This month we did the Preston to Hedon loop, stopping off at The Chatty Couch for the mandatory cuppa and cake.

Setting off along Nun's Walk in Preston

Inquisitive Alpacas (or are they Llamas?)

Big skies across the fields towards Preston

Heading towards Hedon

A random seat in the middle of nowhere!

A VERY muddy field!

Sunday, 3rd December 2017

I did a couple of new local walks today.  The first one was an "inland circuit" at Paull:

The view for most of my walk - following the newly dredged drain

Saltend's cooling towers - prominent on the landscape around here

Field access bridge

The cooling towers much further away now

Paull Holme tower being renovated/restored

After nipping home and having some lunch and a rest, I headed back out for an out of the door walk following a route I've never done before as I was unsure whether the tracks were okay to walk on as they're not marked as "official" rights of way on the map.  I decided to bite the bullet and give them a go and see what's what.

Kestrel surveying its dinner table (a field!)

Quiet country lane heading to Magdelen Lane

Nice sunset (and, if you look carefully,
you can see Saltend's cooling tower burping out a cloud of steam
just right of centre)

All in all, a nice weekend of local walking 😊

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