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COUNTY BAGGING: West Yorkshire - Yorkshire Sculpture Park (3.8 miles)

Saturday, 29th June 2019

Apart from short, local mooches, I've not really done much in the way of walking this month so it was nice to end the month with a double-whammy of our walking group walk and an out of county "county bagging" trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Yorkshire.

We met up at The Hall at 9.30am for the 1 hour 30 minutes drive.  The sun was out and the forecast was for it to be the hottest day of the year so far, topping out at around 28 degrees, a stark contrast to the previous week's rain and below average temperatures!

After arriving at the YSP we headed into the visitor's centre for a cuppa and comfort break before setting off for a roam to look at the sculptures.

Looking south from the Visitor Centre

Iron Tree by somebody or other Wei Wei

Heading to the Naked Lady by Damien Hurst
 I walked to the right of this picture to see where the water was coming from that I could hear.  I returned around the other side of the sculpture to be greeted with a cross-section of what her insides looked like, complete with baby in womb.

The source of the sound of water

Nothing Special Happened
The sun was pretty hot now so we retreated to the shade of the tree-lined lakeside walk.

Dappled shade on the lakeside walk

We found a nice spot for our lunch, sat in the shade of a tree overlooking the lake.

Swan with pregnant lady sculpture behind

Swans taking off
Living art?

Having a cooling dip
 Even on the riverside walk there were sculptures.  This next one started off looking like a whale and baby, then you spotted an ear, then you saw it was a whole face!
Whale / Ear / Face

Crossing some pointless stepping stones
- are these art?

Everyone doing their own take on
The Man Looking At His Phone

Chinese Zodiac
From here we took a steady plod up the open hillside back to the Visitor Centre.  It was hard work in the heat and we arrived at the centre glowing profusely and ready for a well-earned cuppa and bun!

Even though sculptures and art aren't really "my thing" it was fun putting my own interpretation on some of the sculptures and realising that my garage full of rubbish is simply art waiting to be installed elsewhere!  

Great choice of walk Mo - thanks for organising it, and we couldn't really fault the weather either!

Parking: YSP Visitors Centre (£12 per car for all day)
Distance: 3.8 miles
Max height: 454 ft

Thanks for looking 😊

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