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North Yorkshire - Hayburn Wyke (almost!)

Sunday, 16th September 2018

The second day of our WI Walking Group weekend at Cober Hill.

After a fabulous night's sleep (I had a room with a sea view if I pressed my cheek up against the window! - Room 12).  Comfy bed, en-suite.  Can't fault that.  We all congregated in the dining room for a hearty, leisurely full English breakfast, after which, we got packed up and checked out of our rooms.  As we were returning for Sunday Lunch, we were allowed to leave our cars at Cober Hill and walk straight from the door.

Today's walk was along the cliff top (The Cleveland Way) to Hayburn Wyke, returning along the Cinder Path - a disused railway line which I personally don't rate all that much but it's easy walking and would be safer in wet weather than the cliff top.

Heading down Cloughton Wyke

Signpost OCD

Looking back at Cloughton Wyke bay

Lots of ups and downs on this walk

Looking towards Scarborough

Group photo
Nice leafy path

The sun came out for our first view of Hayburn Wyke

Heading down into Hayburn Wyke
 It's quite a steep and cobbled descent down to the shore at Hayburn Wyke and the majority didn't feel confident with walking it.  Myself and Penny decided to give it a go but stopped after a fabulous viewpoint as we didn't think it was fair on the others to have to wait too long for us (even though we were to catch up with them at the nearby pub!)

It doesn't look steep but it is

Lovely view down into Hayburn Wyke

Heading to the pub instead

Signpost OCD

From here we followed the Cinder track all the way back to Cober Hill.  It's a disused railway track with trees either side and no views of anything, lots of cyclists, horse riders and dog poo bags. 

From there, we had a short walk back up the road again and diverted off to nosey round the Secret Garden...
Cober Hill's Secret Garden

It was a short stroll back to Cober Hill for our Sunday Lunch then the drive home.

A lovely weekend which was short but felt longer.  Thanks Mo for organising everything.  It was a great weekend, great food, great walks and great company!

More Ponderings:

I truly am bemused as to why I felt "normal" - no aches and pains.  This alone made the walks much more pleasant - not having to stop to catch my breath or rest my ankle.  The general lack of aching legs, despite not having much in the way of hills locally.  I just don't get it.  

Not complaining though and long may it last!

I will return to actually get down to the beach at Hayburn Wyke.  I may even make another Cober Hill weekend of it because £66 for Dinner, Bed and Breakfast isn't really that expensive and I would like to do another bit of the Cleveland Way, plus I have a walk for Hackness Woods which very nearby.  Mmmm.  A plan is forming!

Thanks for looking 😊