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South Yorkshire: Elsecar - Park, Reservoir and canal side

Saturday, 9th March 2019

Woooohooooooo!  A walk longer than half a mile!!  And in a different county to boot!

After a fabulous week on my stained glass course where the only walking I did was around the grounds of the hotel accommodation (racked up a stonking 2.5 miles in 4 days doing that - kworrr) I toddled off to my nearest stained glass supplier which is in Barnsley, South Yorkshire to get a few bits and bobs.  

I think I drove through every type of weather condition on the way there and saw half a static caravan dangling off the Ouse Bridge due to the gusty, high winds - bit scary if I'm honest.

Anyway, by the time I'd got there, got my glassy bits and bobs and got back to my car, the sun was out so I decided to have a little leg-stretch.  I moved my car off the main street to a free (yes FREE) car park "just up the road" with the intention of having a leisurely mooch around the Elsecar Country Park and reservoir - a walk of a whopping total of one mile I believe.  My other intention was to have a cuppa and bun in the cafe within the park but it was shut (boooooo).  So, I mooched down the road to see if I could get onto the canal side and discovered the Elsecar Heritage Centre which showcases the history of the Elsecar Colliery so I had a good ole nosey around there followed by a pit-stop in the lovely little tea room within its bounds.  There's lots of little craft type shops and an enORmous, sprawley antique-type place that's well worth a rummage.

After that, I found my canal path and wandered along that to the road, where it was a simple left-turn to walk back through the village (or is it a town? not sure - it seems quite a big place in a small sort of way!).  By which time I'd forgotten I'd moved my car and had a moment of panic when it wasn't where I thought it was!

So here's some pics of my pleasant, easy walk in blustery sunshine, starting with my mooch around the parkland and reservoir:

Bandstand in the park

Outflow for Elsecar Reservoir

Outflow from the Reservoir side

Nice, easy paths (but still a bit muddy in places though)

Looking across to the urban sprawl of Hoyland

Arty-farty pic of a drain!

Blackthorn in bloom

Looking across the reservoir towards Wentworth

Lovely daffodils enjoying the sunshine

Avenue of trees back in the parkland again
 A few pics from my little mooch round the heritage centre:

A cloth map for the princely sum of
two shillings and sixpence
- does that translate to a fiver in modern money?
 And finally, a couple of pics from the canal walk:
Lock gates
- don't think they've been opened in a while though

A right nice little moochabout in the blustery sunshine.  My tendon didn't give me any gyp (though I did have my trusty Meindls on) and I would have quite happily walked further if I'd had a map to give me an idea of where all the footpath signs led to.  I have to confess though, I'm desperate to get out for a longer, wilder and more woolly walk that involves a rucksack and packup.

Travel Time: 1 hr 30 mins from my house
Parking: Wentworth Road Car Park (free)
Distance: 2.85 miles
Total Ascent: 146 ft
ViewRanger Track

Thanks for looking 😊

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