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East Yorkshire: Market Weighton (5.4 miles)

Thursday, 7th June 2018

Today's walk was part of a team building day with work.  It was sort of a treasure hunt.  We were given packup, a set of instructions and a bag with "things we would need" in.  Staff who were unable to make the day were photographed and their picture was stuck to a balloon so they were in the day in spirit.  I managed not to be carrying one of those!

Along the way we had to spot various different birds, collect a leaf from a Hawthorn bush, a feather, fasten a bell to a wishing tree, be photographed with a giant, spot various buildings along the walk and plant a flower every so many steps.

We had a couple of tasks as well.  One was to guess what was written down on a card without speaking. Another was pass a balloon round each other without touching it and another was to put a weird plastic thing in your mouth and read something which other folks had to guess what you said.

Luckily, the weather was lovely, although it did get very close and clammy just after lunch.

The new Fire Station ... spotted

Our photograph with a giant

We planted our first flower here

We never found the well
Planting the second flower

... and the third flower

and the final flower

We were walking on the old railway line so had to work out the cost of
the ticket in today's money

The wishing tree

Random strange stone thing

An orchid (I think)

Lunch stop

Nice views over the countryside

One of the churches we had to find

How to pass a balloon around without touching it

Another building found (we'd just been in, obviously to take part in the
balloon task and nothing to do with having a drink)

Final walk back to the station

The other church ....spotted

The old Police Station.... spotted

The old Fire Station.... spotted

A great little walk.  Despite being told it would be about 3 miles, all the non-walkers did really well and didn't complain about their blisters and sore feet... much.  Big thanks to Shelley for organising the day.

Thanks for looking